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Teaching you how to take bullets, howl in agony, and die since 2007.

…also tamer stuff.

Learn or hone skills for commercials, narrations, and video games. Lessons via Skype or in-studio.

With a pedigree in musical and dramatic theater, DB has been acting and directing for more than 30 years— you’ve heard her in Bioshock 2, Hearthstone, Firefall, and DC Universe Online. She also casts and directs game dialogue, and is a vocal archetype consultant.


Game Developers Conference

2019 Audio Bootcamp: Developing Voices
 2017 Rising Tides: Stories in Mentorship and Community (a Microtalk), Women in Game Audio Roundtable
2016 Beyond the “Sound Guy: Self-Promotion, Freelancing and the Work-Life Balance
— with Karen Collins, Jennifer Lewis, and Becky Allen
The Impostor Syndrome — with Stephan Schutze
2014 Mad Skillz for Directing Dialogue
2013 Dialogue: Who, When, Why — With Ed Lima, Simon Pressey, Duncan Watt,  Jason Blair
2012 Take That! 2.0: New Skills and Tricks for Excellent Exertion Sounds
2011 VO Session Live! — with Michael Csurics. Designated voice talent and screamer.
2010 Take That! Finding, Trapping, and Taming Exertion Sounds
2009 (Austin) The Big Grunt: Exertion Sounds for Video Games
2008 (Austin) Blazing the Trail for Hot Game Dialog — with Marianne Krawczyk
2008 26 Slick Tricks for Game Dialog and Other Voiced Bits — with Patrick Fraley
2007 (Austin) Creating a New Age of VO for Video Games — with Patrick Fraley

GDEX • Columbus, OH

• 2018 Pour Some Sugar On It— Granular VO Directing Workshop, VO Audition LIVE! Audio Mini Mentorship, Audio Demo Derby Judge
• 2017 Developing Voices, VO Audition LIVE!, Audio Mini Mentorship, GDEX Audio Showcase Judge
• 2016 Developing Voices, Fight Club, Casting and Directing Non-Language Specific Vocalizations, Mini-Mentorship: Audio, GDEX Audio Showcase Judge
• 2015 (As Ohio Game Developer Expo) Mad Skillz for Directing DialogueFight Club, Mini-Mentorship: Audio, OGDE Audio Showcase judge.
• 2014 (As Ohio Game Developer Expo)Studio Etiquette 101, Fight Club, OGDE Audio Showcase judge.

Game Sound Con

2018 • You’re the VO Director… Now what?

Other Instruction:

Take That ! Exertion Sounds for Video Games and ADR.  Studio voice acting workshop.  Voice Trax West, Studio City, CA

Loop Group Skills: exertions for ADR — with Pat Fraley and Barbara Harris.  Buzzy’s Recording, Hollywood, CA.

Game World : audition skills for video games — with Pat Fraley. Buzzy’s Recording, Hollywood, CA.

Guest speaker –  Midway Entertainment’s Annual Audio Summit, Seattle

Beginning Voice Acting – Weekly classes, CP Casting, Boston MA